I want to present the Unchained team! We were competing for the Microsoft Imagine Cup:
Alberto de Oliveira - Programmer
Matheus Santos - Game Designer
Rubens Stahl - 3D Artist
Sarah Zattar - 2D Artist

Our team is grateful to the professors Claudio Silva and Michael Bahr. They helped us with the character's creation, presentation improvement and 3D art.

Quilombo is a game that brings the player to the end of the 17th century, in the lands of Pernambuco, Brazil. It’s about the fight of the African slaves for their freedom. The player controls Sebastião, a slave who work in a sugarcane farm in Pernambuco. Sebastião has a mentor, an old man who raised him. The Old Man thought Tião about the African culture and his life knowledge. One night the Old Man ask Tião to leave the farm and fight for the freedom of the African slaves. But, it will be a difficult task because the farm is guarded by a bunch of guards named Capitães do Mato because, the landlord is worried about an invasion.Our idea was to create a game that teaches the students about the Brazilian history, African culture and how was the slave's life. Most of the things that we have about our culture are some illustrations and big history books with a lot of texts. The game would be a great complement because the students would experience and see everything that they’ve been reading. And we almost achieved our goal, we reached until the Brazil National Finals, and we stayed between the three best games in Brazil. Now, the project is on standby and the team members are working on other projects.

The game has received three prizes:
Imagine Cup Pitch Video Challenge Honorable Mention, Games Category
Imagine Cup Blueprint Challenge Honorable Mention, Games CategoryImagine Cup User Experience Challenge Honorable Mention, Games Category

The game also was finalist:
Imagine Cup Brazil National Finalist(best three games), Games Category

Game Mechanics

Noise distraction:

Enemy Interaction: